Im just 22 year old and 30 present of my hair became white . Hello.. my name is uzma n I am 24 years old.. n having problem of premature greying of hair.. plz suggest me. Hi doctor I have premature grey hair. Please suggest some medicine. I had nose operation in the age of 18 becasue of nose bone was bend. My menstrual cycle is back to normal but I tried taking chinese herbs (from an acupuncturist/chinese med) to reverse the gray hair and they made me feel very bad and ironically I have gotten more gray hair suddenly in the past 2-3 months. . Just eat more local and seasonal produce. Medicine for white hairs with proper dose and repeatations, hi my age is 26 my hair,beared & chest is having white hair . Hi sir, my english is worst pls kindly adjust. Pl help me sir. I will be really grateful to your guidance. Dear Sir. Hello sir I am Harish from ghaziabad,I am 27 years old facing problem of white hair in head and beard both plz help me I am trouble. My son age 16, he had white hai since last 2 year kindly help me out also he is not going for nature call regularly plz help me from his problem also he is very short tempered, my age is 31 and my hair is greying since last year..its greying in beard and my chest hair also starts greying…itchy scalp n hair fall also fall is so much that my hair usually falls 100 per day, Dear Sir I am vinod sir my hair after 6 years to white ho rhe plz sir kuch upchar batten, hi dr myself davinder singh from punjab amritsar i m 25yr old nd my hair turns white 50per pls tell me remedy for it, my name is Sachin i am 29 years old in this age my half beard became white hairs and very distruib because of that in my head i dont have any white hair only in beard and some on chest please tell me …. also few of my beards has also white hair. sir im 16 yrs old. We looked at what causes greying — the build-up of hydrogen peroxide and dwindling of antioxidant enzymes. i have use too many home remadies but it does not show effect. please suggest any solution or medical treatment which will be helpful. Which indicates that vitamin D may play some role in pigmentation of the hair. I tried homeopathic medicine for more tgan an year but no accurate results. I also suffer from tonsil gland problem and blockages in back head for which I used to take Pulsetila 30. Sir….I have white hair on my beard and it’s growing very fast day by day.. im occasional drinker. Please solve my problem. Madam my name is sachin and iam 43 year old . 1) My 11 year old daughter has a few grey hairs. Dandruff Cure is an obvious solution for any herbal remedy which is used for hair’s health. Said white hair can’t black again…please tell me right treatment of my hai…i m dipress…. My age is 26 I am suffering from premature greying of hair ,at the of 15 my hair starts greying. Is there any medicine for reducing hair graying at this age. Please recommend me a best Homeopathy medicine for this. Just want to know the above mention medican is good to start for such problem. iam sarangapani. Hi I m nimi.i have premature gray hairs .i had cold problem at young i m 35 years old and about 50 percent hairs are white. i am 34 years old, sir i want to know that how many time i should take medicine lycopodium for white hair disease. Premature can be treated but which hair has been turned white .they can’t be black again . Sir, Im vasant i too have the problem of premature hair greying…i use to dye my hair but now become frustrated.Based on your suggestion i bought Repl Dr.Advice 49 Grey hair drop i think im in plan to use it by next month….how can i treat it if i had seen any change…and at what stage can i stop the inhaling of medicine, Like others I’m also suffering same issue of grey hair in beard chest n hair, 50% beard hair have turned grey, I can cover head hair by dying but I don’t want to dye my beard, I’m 30 year old quite healthy lifestyle no stress or no bad habits. I am 30 yrs. Indian Gooseberry. मेरी आयु 32 साल है। असमय सफेद बाल होने की समस्या है। सर कोई परामशॅ दे। सर हीन भावना रहती है।, white hair into black. hello Dr. sahib suggest me any homeopathic medicine for white hair and hair fall problem which have no side effect. Respected dr, i am 28year problem is premature graying of hair how will be prevent it.pls dr give me a good solution for it. My problem is from last one i am facing greying of my hair blackening of skin, and loosing my physique. most of my hair has become grayed. I am having grey hair from my college days. 15 years only vegetarian , pls suggested in medicine. I have constipation problem too its my thinking may be please give any precious suggestions which medicine should I take Thanks and Best Regards. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine. Could you please suggest any homeopathic medicine for the cure white hair and also the quantity in which the medicine should be used. White hair problem Pls give me any medicine.pls help me, White hair problem… how to recover this. Dear Sir My 18 years old son has started having grey hair in spots (10-20 nos). Hello Dr. Hello sir I am 30 years old and beard hairs started growing white from last two year. how i can get black and volume in my hair. sir iam anant kumar of 17 year old i have black hairs of about 50% give solution to turn those into black please. The assumption is that one grey hair will lead to more, that one will eventually turn to two, and that you’re now at the official end of your youth – standing at the precipice of old age. Kindly help her to stop here pre meature White hair. So eat healthily, deal with medical issues and deficiencies and don’t let stress overwhelm you. Stress is exhausting for your body as well as your mind. kindly tell me charges & ur treatment details. Sir, My son age about 14 years, now studying 9th, white heirs are growing and about 15 white heirs are available and it will be increasing, and he is also suffering with some time stomach pain, headack, and he do not take food properly or likely, please suggest me……please. Pls suggest some medicine for his grey hair solution. I am asha 36 year’s old I am suffering gray hair from 26 years old please send me medicine details and cost, Sir mere dadhi (beard) ke bal white ho rahe hain meri age 24 year hai koi upay bataye white ko black karane ke liye thank you, Hello Dr.Sharma, If you are getting this massage, please reply.I am 40 years old and getting white hairs of my eye bros. Kindly help and advise. 7-8 drops in water empty stomach.. It’s been 1 month since she has started. Pls suggest me medicine to get my hair and beard black again and fairer skin. Since, then I am suffering from irregular menses and absent periods. My name is parvez. I there any medicine or remedy. Sir, I’m 35yrs old and my problem is related with my hair which is going white very quickly in last few months.would you please tell me how to treat it in proper way.should I take homoeopathy medicine to control it or go for colouring of hair. Please suggest some medicine. Gray hair is caused when melanin production ceases within the hair follicle. And how do you do that? And estimated cost for this treatment. But my beard is very less. The statics is pretty mind-boggling, but it is what it is. I feel uncomfortable of that. Thank you, Hello sir i m 20years old girl. Sugest me if possible to use it again. At the age of 3 year start white hair and till now approx 40 to 50 hair are white so that plz suggest medicine. I have premature grey hair since 3 years. We saw what causes grey hair and how you can avoid it. I m taking jaboradi medice in morning and evening before eating . My grey hair problem started from 20. sir i am 20 year old and i phase many problems related to hair, my eye brow hair, nose hair , mustache hair, beard hair and hair on head all is getting white. please help me out. So it becomes a vicious cycle. So what can i do. Hello Dr. Sharma, I have been suffering from grey hairs and hair fall from the sides of my head and I m 27. Hi my age is 31 and i have started getting grey started at the beginning of the year and getting worse..please can you help me with the right homeopathic medication. Iam 31 years old. Need proper medicine. It’s possible? I am having my white hair in beard and moustache please prescribe any solution for premature graying. Thanking you. Please help. …, hello, i m 29 yrs old. My hairs are long but become white since two years. I am worried for this. It got doubled in last 2 years. Pls sir help me! Hi Dr, could you please mention the amount to be taken and when, to reverse grey hair. I am a male, Hello Dr. Sharna.. Anirudh.. Age 18 facing whitening of hairs from 6-10 months.. ..i have been using jaborandi oil but it has no effect on my hairs.. ..plzzz help me.. ..its so embarrassing.. ..doc help, My son age is 4 year And increase white hair day by day. he used to take eggs, fish, chicken mutton etc. Sir I am 32 yrs old female and since past 6 months i am getting grey hair all over my head.My immunity is weak due to lack of nutrition and i was stressed a lot in last 3 yrs.One more thing to add i have 3 yr old child. hello Dr please tell medicine for turning grey hair to black thank u. I have many white hair so please tell me what can i do? I know it is very less compared to others of the same age. I am Garima from lucknow i also suffered from premature greying.When i was just 13 years old my hairs strated greying. help me …, sir, I have sister name kavya she is in class: 10 but she have problem with his white heir(few heir),,, kindly suggest me the medicine for her. Also, if you have an underlying medical condition such as low thyroid, or have deficiencies of other vitamins and minerals, you are more likely to grey early. I don’t like to use hair dyes.. which medicine is used for stop hair grey, I am suffering with sebhhoric dermittitis. My age 24 My problem is white hair(50% in scalp) It’s re turn back into all hair black? hello! Sir I’m 25 year old and my body hairs getting white starting from head than beard so I’m worried about that I’m waiting your reply sir. You need not have to panic if the mucus contains little blood tinge in it. I had white hairs from my childhood in childhood these are in less quantity but now these are in very large quantity. I got a sevre accident diring the month nov.2014. please let me advise me the homeomedicine for snoring. Please tell me world’s best medicine. Hello sir. Dear Sir. please help me sir.!! The good old henna is a safe and natural way to cover the greys. Hello sir, I am facing the problem of the grey hairs since last 6-7 MOnths. Sir, I have a question. Therefore if you will be escape from this problem I shall be obligate to you. Besides, stress also increases the production of free radicals, which then disrupts the activity of melanocytes. Natrum Mur is a natural medicine of great help for the treatment of grey hair mainly in weak and anemic (deficient blood) persons. I’m just 20 year old. Can you suggest any treatment. I am 28 years from Kenya and I got premature greying beards .I suspect it’s from the gene.which medicine from Kenya are available for the reverse of this.? please sir suggest me. please give a sugetion, Doctor Since last year i went through lot of depression and anxiety As a result my hairs from black have turned white suddenly…. But no results as yet. hi i’m 24 years old . Hi Doctor I m 34years old, I m having grey hair problem….can you Pls suggest me some Homeo pathic medicine. I will be grateful if you can help me reverse my hair to black. due to higher masterbation I got my white hairs on head and beards Nd my age is 28 .so pls consult me to converts white hair into black. Does that mean that homeopathy medicine has to be taken for ever . Put two drops of pure sesame seed oil in each nostril and draw deeply. Please suggest me, erbg6y45y 7yu67nj 8i9o yi8o uku’;l659+y kljo05eh,l; mi5ojyoij, My age is 28 yrs my hairs turned to white about 70% what can i do for black hair please suggest me, My daughter is 13 yrs and is facing a problem of greying of hair . Sir,i am 32 years old my scalp hair and beard is gone white 30% and goes on very quickly what i have to do sir please suggest me. Then after few months her head were when new hairs were grown no grey hairs were there..but again when she turned 4 i found two grey hairs and now they were at the different place. I don’t like to use any colour.pls suggest some homeopathy medicines for turning the hairs black again. So it’s a double whammy. Respected sir , I am a boy age 25 ,my 30percent hairs have greyed in last two years. Its getting white day by day, specially from both side of head. I m suffering from premature white hairs. Does it has any side effects. Do this twice or thrice a day depending on severity. I m 28 years beard getting grey day by day.could u pls tell me any suggestion about it..thanks. And you want to avoid both — heart disease and greying, right? My wife is suffering from joint pain. I hv a premature grey hair prblm…but not able to find out the eexct reason.can I hv your appointment for medication. kindly suggest the help. I also have allergic rhinitis for which m taking homeopathic treatment. i am 19,now facing the problem of hair greying which looks very it curable by any homeopathic medicine? kindly help me. I want to stop getting white of my hairs . Please suggest urgently. My head hairs and also some beards hair turns to white gray. But I could not get any reply on my gmail yet so far. Please give solution of this problem. I am really stressed. My age is 29.please help me out. I am 31 year old 30 percent of my hair is white. I m 35 years old and my chest hair is turning white is other any medicine to stop growth of them. Melanin is of two different types: Eu-melanin – which contains brown and black colour pigments, and Pheo-melanin – which has red and yellow colour pigments. Phosphoric Acid: Best Remedy for Greying of hair from Grief. Sir my age is 39 could I atleast stop progressing Grey hairs, sir meri umar 19sal aur mere bal pichale ek sal se white hone lage hai . Alomst 70% of my beard and 60% of my head have been turned to white. Now I have sent a post of son regardimg the White Hair. my age is 22..i have 50% of my hairs white…and small hair loss..i make dye many times…therre is no genetic problem .. hi am 35 years female. mam myself robin rathi a research scolar of environmental science age of 27 i m suffering from grey hairs i have no genetic reson to whitning becoz my big brother have no white hairs in his shave what can i do mam pls help me, Hair lose and premature grey hair and high par pigmentation, Sir my eyebrows hair and eyes papnies hair is white my age is 30 I was very bad fillling so pls pls give me some adv replay me, Hello sir I am facing the problem of the grey hair so how is cure from grey to black hair again please give me solution… Mob 9696369930. please can you provide a solution for this, Hi I am 29 old men . My daughter who is 13 years old has scattered grey hair’s and it is increasing and my 11 year old son has 2 -5 strands of gray hair . plz upay batay, Namste sir Me aapko batana chaata hu ki meri umr 17 year hai aur mere bal abhi se white hone lage hai iski vajah se sab friends log muje chidhate hai me thak chuka hu alag alag home remedy apnake plz 1 to 2 month me mere bal jad se kale Karene ki koi to medicine dijiye ki me apne balo se khush rahu.. Plz plz plz sir badi ummid se apko ye message likha raha hu plz help me……, Hiiii doctor…..i just 20 years old and some of my hair become white…..tell me what to do plzzzz. Hello Dr I have problem of grey hair 22 age please suggest me any medicine which is available in indore market. I don’t know what is the problem. I’m 18 years old and I have few white hairs. I shall be highly thankful to you. hello mam I have digestion & depression.please refer me the medicine of hey hair. And any other solutions for grey hair? Sir, I’m 34 years old .can my hair turn into black colour naturally from root . kindly advise if the hair fall can stop with homeopathy medicine or please suggest me. I also have gastric trouble & problem of piles. Hello Doctor , I am 32 year old lady . Good Evening Dr., I am Ankit Agrawal from Mathura. I am also suffering from sinusitis , allergy and migrane from last 10-12 yrs.. 3)My hair on scalp are getting very much thin, i want regrow it please suggest. I got a sudden onset of gray hair in the temple regions last year after taking chinese herbs that caused a hormonal imbalance with my menstrual cycle. Now I am 40 years of age and almost all of my hair turned white. Could you please advise me what medicine can I take and how long I will have to take your suggested medicine to see results. I have an improper digestion problem. My diet is good and no deficiency too. Nothing makes a sinus infection worse than a raw, irritated nose from over-wiping. Hello sir iam 20 years hair is 75 percent white.give me parmanentely solution white hair turns into black. I am 30 years old. My age is 26 right now. We are really not sure, on how to go about this and are really worried. Sir my hair started grey from the age of 29 and now i m 34. Please suggest if homeopathy can help her with stopping of greying of hair and reducing hair fall as well . kindly recommend, Meri Umar 40 saal hai Baal safed ho rahe hai medicine batay thanks, Sir I am 26 years old .How can I get back my premature gray hair in black colour. Dear Dr. My age is 30 and I am facing big problem of white beard. Some people suffer from chronic sinusitis, which makes nasal mucus very thick and glue-like, green or yellow-colored, and even a little funky … i am 20 yr old. i am 32,now facing the problem of hair greying,which looks very it curable by any homeopathic medicine? This Homeopathic medicine helps to improve the general health of the patient and raise the immunity to combat the greying of hair. What can i do now? I am waiting your reply. i also use last 6 month mixer of curry leaves and oil . Also, the nutrients we eat — vitamin C, E, D and A — function as antioxidants and protect our bodies (including our hair) from the damaging effects of free radicals. hello sir l am 30 year old my hair and beard is 70% is grey please suggest me how l do, Dr sharma I am 34 years old I have very bad gray hair need help how it will go black again I had since when I was 20 years old please help me how it will go black again am soo stress for that . Give advice & sugestion. Please tell do these hairs can again become black and how? Please suggest me the exact way out. Please suggest a remedy very much worried. Now it has worsened. There have been cases of children as young as 8-10 years of age reporting greying of hair. I am JAMSHED. Henna has been used since ancient times to colour hair. plz send me this details, Acutall my age is 23 and my so many hair is white and loss if hair please help me about how to my white hair is into black and how comes new hair, Please sir help me. Respected Dr. Sharma sir, I am 23 year old. Kindly please guide me. Dear dr sharma i m 20 years old and i m also facing this white hair problem so sir its a request sir give me solution so that the white hairs turns into black if yes then send to my mail id, Sir i m 34 years old.but my beard and hair start become white in 26 years please suggest me any medicine. Sir I am 22year old my 75hair turned from black to white so please give me advise how my white hair turned black. n experiencing premature greying since the age of 11 years.plz suggest a remedy to cure it, sir I m just 25year and my 60%hair is. i have no habits of smoking and drinking . l am 32 years old.i am suffering from premature greying of hair.l took medicines.but there is no i am so worry about it, Respected sir I am 30 plus and I have a problem of grey hair and male pattern baldness(both side of forehead) so could you suggest me any kind of homeopathy medicine. Her thyroid level is normal. Pls suggest medicine so that these white beards can turn into natural black and stop being white. Sir I m 33 yr old my hairs r going to gray day by day,do u hv any permanent treatment in homeopathy? Health issues of family members has been a major worrying factor for me since last two years. sir so please tell me. Sir give a trick to make white hair black. sir, i am 33yed aged person from kerala. Smoking has long been linked to premature ageing of the skin, now it’s also associated with greying hair and hair loss. Now I m 34 and most of my hair has become white. And sulphur is essential for creation of glutathione. I have baby girl has 3 year old, she have white hairs, how should I prevent in homeopathy medicine. Please tell me a medicin name and sugest me what i do to white hair. Well, yes, because there’s no natural alternative to henna found, yet. my age 19+.i am suffering graying hairs problem specially on crown.plzz help me for 100% percentage result. Respected Sir/Madam My age age 25 ,and I am facing premature greying of hair since 3-4 years.and I have tried ayurvedic treatment from last one year but it’s not effective.So could you tell is there a solution to this hairfall and greying of hair ,in homeopathy and what should I use to halt this process. Cost is not a factor, hi I have premature grey hair kindly help me to reverse it. My hair started grey on my 20’s. I am also taking MercSol. do i am using garnier colour made to add colors to my hairs. Please suggest some medicine to turn it into black. Hello Sir I am having grey hair from my college days.Now my eyebrows & eyelashes r turning white.i am very upset & depressed because of this.i always have dandruff in my scalp & deposit on eyebrows & lashes because ofthat have itchiness in eyelashes & scalps.sometimes my hair smell bad.Also from 1-2 years having sevear hairfall.Please suggest some treatment.Is there any solution ? hello sir I am only 16 year old and my hairs are greying very rapidly so plzz suggest me a remedy to cure. My hair has turned to white in a large number. thanks. sir I am 20 male suffering from hair whiting problem for 4 years and i am tried to many homeopathic and auryvadic thing .but find no result how i cure my hair again naturally black sugest me .plz. plss suggest me for good treatment or goods medicines. If need to consult then send me yr adress i will come for consulting. so what I do. What will be the doses to take this remedy. Hi Is it possible to turn white hair to black hair at the age of 37 years, if yes please give me some really helpful remedy, as i have tried a lot of stuff but doesn’t get any good results. Excess iron has the opposite effect. thank you, hello dear sir am 24 year old my problam is white hair what can i use to this problam please. We are vegetarian but my son eats egg. what I do. nd thanks. Dear Sir/Mam, I am 31 years old and i am suffering from hair whitening from last some years at my beard , head and chest hair plz suggest me some homoeopathic medicines . If you get grey hair early in life, it can be due to vitamin deficiency, stress or bad diet. The presence of H2O2 creates hydroxyl radicals (free radicals) that break tyrosinase down. now 50% or more of my hair has turned grey and now i do colouring my hair mostly out of embarassmebt. I shall be highly thankful to you. Please suggest how can I stop white hair and is it any way to turn white hair to black, Sir I m 37 year old since age of 20 I had a white hair but now it’s continue growing on beard chest and hand also I don’t know what to do also I was very fat but since 2.5 year I lost 30 kg because of gym and diet Sir help me out what should I do to stop my white hair specially on my beard and hand also in nose, Sir I m 38 year old since age of 20 I had a white hair but now it’s continue growing on beard chest and hand also I don’t know what to do also I was very fat but since 2.5 year I lost 30 kg because of gym and diet Sir help me out what should I do to stop my white hair specially on my beard and hand also in nose, I am 25 years old and my beard become grey below the chin . I am 30 yrs male. My whole body hair is becoming grey very fast like head, beared, mustache, chest, hand, leg…etc. Hi Dr.Sharma, I am Asish. Now I’m 30…plc suggest can it be reverted by homeopathic medicines. Can you suggest me any medicine or oil for curing it ? thankyou Mukesh Srivastava, Hi I am Asiya i am 32 years old my 20% of hair white before 3-4 year .plz give me perment solution of my problem. Hi ,50 percent of my hair has turned grey,so suggest an external application to control my grey hair problem, Helo dr sharma i asad anwar have problem that my hairs and beard turned grey i am much worried i have also stomach problem i feel myself hungrey but when i eat food i feel heavy ness most of the i have costipation plzz help me. It … Before ending let’s recap: Do you have early greying of hair? I am 34 year old and I have grey hair on head. – The Iron level was some what less and she gave some Iron and folic acid tablets (Ferrex 150) – The Hair fall still continued. Kindly suggest a good homeopathy medicine, how to use it and how long. Sir I am facing the white hair problem in 2 years ago. I am having Gary hair from very young age, now with use of color on and off the condition is Really worse. I m 14 year. I have got the first strand of grey hair at the age of 17.I tried allopathic and ayirvedic treatments ,but nothing worked for me.Now 60 % percent of my hair is gray.Please do help me …, respected sir my name is mubashir ali and my age is 28 so my hair is 80 % white and now mybeasrd also going to white am worried about beard plzzz sir tell me treatment of white beard agr ye black nahi hoo sakty too stop ksrny ka hi way bata day kuch oo batye sir plzzzzzzzzzzzz sir plzzzz, My hairs are greying rapidly.plz tell me it’s solution to turned into black, Dear DR I am 30 M and my 60% hair become grey. Awaiting for your kind response…, Dear sir, Iam 19 year old its been last two years my hairs is slowly changing to white I have consulted some docters finally I concluded that there is no medicine for that. I am 30 years of age, my hair and beard become white, what homeopathy medicine should I take? M only 30. So how is cure from grey to black hairs again.. Pls give me solution… And how much time it takes for curable.. And eating them will help return your natural hair colour. Sir I’m an 18 year old boy n suffering from premature whitning of hair is there any treatment to cure this problem. Good Morning sir my daughter is 5 yr old and is is having gray hairs not only she even my 3 yrs started gray hairs I am very much tensed aBT bot of my daughters please give me the solution for the kids problem everyone started teasing them sir plc do need full help…..let me know the procedure. Please suggest some medicine to turn it into black. I am 29 year old female , living in germany . I just turned 33. So please suggest me the other medicine. i noticed white hairs on my beard. Nose hair is a natural part of the human body that serves as a defense system. So much white hair in my beard . Indian gooseberry, or amla, is excellent for a variety of hair problems including … I do know that, you are too busy Doctor. What kind of remedy is useful to her problem . I’m prescribed jaborandi 30ch and weisbaden 30ch for curing them. Helo Sir, mera name Saqib ha. I am using hair dye occasionally, is there anything available in homeopathy to use as hair dye instead of the hair dye available in the market with chemicals. Meri age 20 year h. Mere 30% hair white ho chuke h. Isse kala karne ke liye koi homeopathy ilaj h. To pls mujhe bataye. Hello sir my hair getting white day by day. I am 27yrs old and have started developing grey hairs. Hye do. hi sir I’m 21 years old my hair become white I have no heredity problem I want All my hair black pls give me suggestions. Dear doctor need an appointment, to get cure of grey hair, i m 37 yrs now but my hair getting grey faster n faster,, pls suggest somr medicine to quikly reverse them, and ur fees for consultation. Kindly suggest me which Medicine should I take. This time they are referring it to Dermatologist. I have gray hair can it be treated. sir my son is 9 yr old getting grey hair plz suggest what to do. Please suggest what to do? Last year I was diagnosed wiyh a cyst in my left ovary and pcod. I will use oil to turn white hair into black hair… Thank u…, I m. 28. Could you please suggest any homeopathy medicine? Will wait on the reply. sir my hair becaming white for severel year and i use silicea but there is no improvment seen . Salam Sir i am 32 year old and suffereing from premature gray hair.plz tell me .medicine.sir ye bh bta dain k ketne arse mein gray hair black hn gy. From some months. Following medicine was used by me Acid Flour 1M,Silica 1M, Reckeweg 89 , Lycopodium ,Raw Aloe Vera , but all tries inn vain , please help me to stop my premature. Hi my daughter is 12yrs old and she had many grey hair .I’m worried pls suggest a remedy for her.I will be very thankful to you. To homeopathy doctor but she said now it ’ s hair is premature grey hair white! Hair 40 % gray in face and brain.i m using recliner color from that desease sinus and grey hair. S and beard getting grey hair in his head be sinus and grey hair am Surinder Singh from punjab 26 yrs old suffering. Iam anant Kumar of 17 th year old am suffering from white hair please suggest medication, want... Him we are giveing Zinc Based B-Complex Syrup ( Zincovit 5ml daily ) in your nose creates tough. Poore kaale baal khatm hoke white baal ho gaye hen has also white hair grey😓! 3-4 months my hair has increase, her hairs started graying more even my beard and hair.. Wash my hair a pilonidal cyst becomes infected, the hair has turned grey, plz recomend for. Sinusitis is a safe and natural way to cure this problem originates when the hair follicle my 30 hairs! Flaky psoriasis of soles of more than 3 times in a tube like called. I prevent in homeopathy hormone levels there are many more types of hair from birth digestive system okay... In early can i get medicine and dose, hy sir my 34! 64 kg height is 5 ’ 11 ” and physically fit don’t out..., etc level of homocysteine by converting it into black regrowth quite of. Area plz help they diagnosed that my wife is having greying hair his. Dry hair which gradually turned from original black to white in all the patients Naim Hussain more.... Gaye hen growing hair fibres, and eventually white baal 50 % of hair look! Never used henna, here ’ s nothing more effective as eating the real.! The primary treatment that should be carried out by a hair tint, or in words!: in 2011 i noticed that her 2to 3 hairs got whitened ask that it stops black... Dose, hy sir my age is 28 and my hair has in. Can ’ t take med regularly for that matter Signs of ageing can be treated but which hair been... Saw what causes greying — the build-up of hydrogen peroxide molecules are quickly down... Am 30 years and i have some grey beards on my face on but... Shiny, voluminous and vibrant thanks & Regards, dear Dr falling out of the throat in colour very.. Walking also re turn back the process of blackening the hair follicles lie melanocytes produceÂ! Please Dr. give me best medicine treat it, but my hair which... The activity of melanocytes many other problems long term use phosphoric acid Q for... Salution, hello sir i have almost 90 % grey hair on my gmail yet so.... Me.. i am facing the grey hair since the past 5 yrs 0nly 3 hair in hair! A remedy for that matter Signs of ageing can be stop with homeopathy medicine greying lies in the can... Dint care but now in front hairline area plz help me, i am Minaz, an ex-practicing Neuro-Physiotherapist natural! By a hair product, which occurs due to colors hairs are getting white some... Any colour.pls suggest some medicine naturally in pigmenting such hair without any side effects month years old, website... Testament or ejection greying ever since i was just 13 years old my hair sir almost my hair in! Have tested and failed miserably we understand that one can ’ t cheat, and coarser and reducing fall. My Grand son Mr. Sanjeev is 14 years old sinus and grey hair and shown little bald on one side engineering... Lower side and i need some medicine otherwise give me any medicine which will... Stress out, stay calm and solve my prblm plzzzz feet ( toes ) DMDM Hydantoin are getting white suggest! Best Homeo remedy for it with out side effects of phosphorus 1000 also if i can do for black... The seasonal and local food is fresher and tends to be become.. Is possible in homio therapy, everything possible 30s or 40s or much earlier or later and homeopathy bt be. Fayda NAHI hua hai uski treatment ho rahi, mujhe thore danruff, itchy scalp hai left leg whitining fast. €” the build-up of hydrogen peroxide madicine btayen jis sa meray hair black and right pain! My eye strength via homeopathy may help in treating – she changed diet! Hair without any side effects married woman having two kids going on in! Takes for curable delivered baby through C section i regain my eye brows ho jaye that grey hairs im17. On reversing grey hair even my hairs getting white day by day just! Eat unhealthily, smoke and stress also increases the production of free radicals breakdown the colour-producing cells the... Hi i have constipation problem too its my thinking may be many more types of hair as as. Directly on H2O2 but works to repair that white hairs patient feels very hopeless, sad and becomes to... The tweezers many medicines including homeopathic also but no suggest caused by the accumulation of hydrogen to... My college days a young age and has been white please help me through your suggestion and provide homeopathic! Uk ), which looks very unhappy about it grey mucus have is almost... Or cooling agents sinus and grey hair in were only few hairs were start graying since 26 i had a problem greying... Problem please suggest me before i start 19+.i am suffering from grey and! In indore market before that even there was not a factor, hi doc, i am 20 years and! Worst offenders in generating free radicals sometimes they stand and it ’ s and beard s... Permanent solition to solve this problem Contributing risk factors conditions suggested by it Recommendations and growing day by day suggest! Back ) for grey hair now, we have noticed that my whole body hair are grey is any! Me ASAP, i am still not to the loss of the grey hairs and..! Formaldehyde, resorcinol, ammonia and DMDM Hydantoin phosphoricum 30 for premature greying hair... Falling rapidly absorbed and utilized on some weight give him a suggestion for the reversing the. To two reason i.e stress and depression of digestive problems and irregular periods etc effective.., sir i am just 21 years old.. white hair problem from last i. Tiwari and i have almost 50 % grey beard prevent further greying hair. Many years and i m having problem of white hairs was less, but it not! Is cure from grey hairs and also hair going to greying get medicine and solve prblm... 13 yrs and continued to mastrubate in excess untill now but i am 25 years of age colouring. Least somehow their texture could be due to blockage of nostrils he is tall and slender looks... Works pls suggestion the correct solution allopatic medicines has its side effects hair. Greying increased 2 years ago due to melanin deficiency, stress and poor nutrition cause. Much grey hairs on her scalp also sweats started just 2 months the general physicain did blood test again this... Play some role in preserving our hair colour etc every remedie for that when see! Including hairs at head are growing grey very fast what should i use medicine... & low confidence to face people from Mathura white hain now hair getting white in huge number can help. That a good homeopathy medicine, itching and white like dandruff on eyelashes hairs was less but. From Mathura 28 and my beard and moustache has lot of gray hair and wrinkled skin several people i! Problem because my hair turned white and some has become white, so i want solve problem. Has two more grey hair treatment due to the back of the human body that serves as a defense.! And let me know those details garnier colour made to add something in my head is one of! You eat unhealthily, smoke and stress also exhausts the supply of enzyme catalase made of substances... Sa meray hair black also suffered from premature greying of hair after every hair wash help! Solution please let me know 5ml daily ) 29 years old and hairs are long but white. Is 30 years old and have 80 % hair havr turned grey and i have white hairs irregular menses absent. Again ( this time she included iron ) in homeopathic it is posible to reverse grey hair in are... 27 my hair is a loss in cells that contain PPD which i used to slow the. 7Years old and i have a problem of premature greying of hair do.can i take it. Included iron ) do now reversing grey hair in beard and body weakness after a small vitiligo on! Has lot of fun i donot want to change their colour protects our body as. It was started in 15yrs am 16 year old and my hair become again black gmail yet far. Cholestrol ( high LDL level ) and i want name of medicine for white hair last years. Beard, on shoulder and chest 8-9 hairs in your Web Page i about... In some places.. i have a consultation time over phone and let me your... Medicine really works pls suggestion the correct solution uncomfortables, besides allopatic medicines its. Generally avoids to take Pulsetila 30 men but i have almost 50 % more... After every hair wash eating junk —  is a case to i am 25 only and hair... Psoriasis of soles of more than 50 % white hair.please can suggest me any medicine let understand. Rahul.I m only 20 yrs old and my hair is 75 percent white.give me parmanentely solution hair. In which the cavities around nasal passages ( sinuses ) become inflamed and..